A Step-by-Step Guide: How to Apply for ICV Certificate in the UAE

ICV (In-Country Value) certificate, which is used to show a company’s efforts towards investment, development, and observance, is evidence of its worthiness in pursuing the business in the area. ICV procedure application is a simple process, you may not have to be scared. In this guide, we cover a wide range of topic areas in detail to help you graduate with having well-established business plan.

Step 1: Acquaint yourselves with all ICV requirements

  • To begin the application process, it is extremely important that you, clearly, understand the requirements of the icv certificate UAE which have been already explain by the relevant authorities, namely ADNOC or any other government establishment. Familiarize yourself with ICV technique, criteria, and scoring criteria to make sure that your ICV methodology is in compliance and you get maximum out of your work performance.

    Step 2: Collect the Needed Paperwork and details

    Afterwards, collect all the necessary documentation as well as the information required for the intensive care verification application. This may include:

    Business registration documents

    Financial statements

    Employees-related data (his/her nationality, academic distinction, payroll)

    Coordinating information on local purchases, investments, and subcontracting

    Business contracts and agreements with local entities operating in the areas of production and procurement.

    Last, but not least, it is crucial to include all other related and relevant supporting documents.

    Make sure the details provided are precise, relevant, and in proper order for quick movement of the application.

Step 3: The institution will choose one of the ICV Certification Bodies that the ICV is authorized

Choose an authentic ICV licensing institution accepted and endorsed by the myriad of accrediting government institutions. It is these certification bodies that evaluate and verify whether your organization is meeting its ICV requirements based on the supplied paperwork and data. Research to pick a Cherished certification agency with exemplary repute of impartiality and well-orders.

Step 4: Submit Your Application of ICV

When you’ve done the stepping of documentation collection and the choosing of a certification board, it is time to send in your ICV application. Ensure you adhere to the certification body’s guidelines and that your application is fully and correctly completed. The quality job move likely brought new income and expanded horizons for her, which influenced her decisions. Missing of any part of the application or discrepancies in the same might jeopardize the process in the due course.

Step 5: undergo ICV Assessment

After submitting your application, the certification body will conduct an ICV assessment to evaluate your compliance with the ICV requirements. This assessment may involve a review of your submitted documentation, interviews with key personnel, and on-site inspections, depending on the nature of your business operations.

Step 6: Receive ICV Certificate

Should your Organization comply with all the conditions of the ICV and exhibit a reasonable ICV grade, the competent administration enterprise will award you with a certificate of reliability by the certification body involved. This certificate targets as official certification of your adherence to ICV regulations and further permits you to participate in government contracts and procurement activities.

Step 7: Keep ICV compliance in mind when planning itineraries and making budget decisions

Granting an ICV certificate is only the first step. It is just the beginning of the ongoing process of remaining an ICV-compliant organization. Given the above, comply with ICV regulations, observe the performance indicators/metrics. And update documentation as and when necessary to reflect any changes in the company operations.


The ICV application process in the UAE may appear to be quite overwhelming. Yet when these are plan and well-prepared and with clear steps to follow. You can successfully handle the process. This can be done by getting an ICV certificate since such become not only a way to access the government’s procurement. But also showcasing one’s intentions in sustaining economic development in the region. If you require help or direct on the corporate tax consultant process. Please don’t hesitate to as our competent auditors or tax consultants with a long experience in this area which can simplify the process in each stage that is compliance.

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