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If would you like to pursue an international education and are looking for the right place to study, the United Kingdom is the best option. While choosing a country for our education, of course it is crucial to check if it comes under our budget. The UK can be a perfect destination for your overseas education as it provides an amalgamation of budget-friendly courses along with cost-effective living expenses.

Although the cost of living in the United Kingdom will be higher as compared to any city in India in the matter of living expenses of the United Kingdom, it will greatly vary on your lifestyle and your budget-making skills as well. The majority of countries have extremely high living expenses, however, the UK has the lowest living expenses.

Calculation of Living Expenses:

Living expenses in the UK are divided into two different categories: one is outside of London and another one is central London, both having their own costs. The annual cost of living in central London is about £12,006 which includes rent, basic living expenses, and transportation costs. However, living outside of London comes with an annual expense of about £9,207. Outer London offers more affordable housing, lower utility and consumable costs, and lower transportation costs.

The living expenses mentioned above are of nine months as it is to be mentioned that one academic year in the United Kingdom is of nine months and the rest of the three months are excluded from the academic year. Therefore, the cost of living in Inner London per month is- 1334 GBP, and for Outer London is 1023 GBP.

Besides this, in case your spouse is going along with you, the living expenses for them are different and that too varies from Inner London to Outer London. Where the cost of living in Inner London for a spouse is on the higher side, it is on the lower end for outer London. The living expense for outer London for the spouse is 6120 annually and for Inner London, it is 7605 GBP per annum.

Here is the breakdown of living costs in the UK:

Category Cost per month in INR
Tuition Fee 8L-35L
IELTS Fee 16,250
Visa charges 49k
Accommodation 50k – 70k
Meal 10k – 20k
Internet 4k
Stationery and textbooks 2k – 4k
Travel 3k – 4k
Gas and electricity 6k

How you can search for suitable Accommodation:

University accommodation: You must start your search from the university’s official website only if you are a student hoping to reside on campus. There are several options for housing available at universities, each accommodation includes a variety of features and prices, including dorms, shared apartments, and single rooms. The university’s website has comprehensive information regarding student housing and its facilities. Universities websites also frequently offer virtual tours, testimonials of accommodations with the rooms, and the accommodation office’s contact details, which can help with any inquiries or special requirements. A vital first step in getting ready for college life is making sure you have an appropriate place to live, which will greatly impact your overall experience as a student.

Off-Campus Accommodation: If you would rather stay in a private residence, you may find a lot of websites to help you with your pursuit. These portals offer extensive lists of private rentals that suit different budgets and tastes, including single rooms, shared houses, and apartments. Wide-ranging search filters are available on well-known websites like Amber Student and University Living to assist you in finding houses based on features, price, and location. These websites frequently have virtual tours, comprehensive information, excellent images, and testimonials. Making use of these tools can facilitate the process of locating a suitable residence, guaranteeing that you obtain housing that satisfies your requirements and improves your quality of life while pursuing your studies.

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Concluding all the information, it is clear that the matter of living expenses in the UK is subjective and relies on various parameters. Therefore, in every way, there is nothing that can stop you from studying in the UK your dream country- the United Kingdom.

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