Spain Tourist Visa Guide: Requirements, Application Process, and FAQs

Spain Tourist Visa Guide: Requirements, Application Process, and FAQs

If you’re planning to visit Spain for tourism purposes, you may need to obtain a Spain Short-Stay Tourist Visa. This visa allows you to engage in tourist activities such as sightseeing, vacationing, exploring, or visiting friends or family in Spain for a maximum of 90 days within a 180-day period.

Who Needs a Spanish Tourist Visa?

If you’re from EU member countries, EFTA member countries, or any of the 62 countries under the Schengen visa-free regime, you typically won’t need a tourist visa for Spain. Similarly, if you reside in a Schengen country with a valid residence permit, you’re exempt from obtaining a tourist visa.

However, nationals from countries not included in these categories must apply for a tourist visa before traveling to Spain.

Spain Tourist Visa Requirements

To apply for a Spain tourist visa, you’ll need to submit several required documents :

  1. Biometric Photos : Provide two recent Spain biometric photos that meet Schengen photo specifications.
  2. Passport : Ensure your passport is valid for at least three months beyond your planned departure date from Spain, with at least one blank page for the visa sticker.
  3. Passport Copies : Include copies of all passport pages containing personal information, visa stickers, and stamps.
  4. Flight Booking : Present proof of your travel dates to and from Spain, typically in the form of a flight reservation.
  5. Travel Medical Insurance : Obtain travel medical insurance covering Spain and all Schengen countries with a minimum coverage of €30,000, including repatriation and arranged for at least seven days.
  6. Proof of Sufficient Funds : Show evidence of financial means, such as bank account statements or a sponsorship letter, to cover expenses during your stay.
  7. Accommodation Proof : Provide documentation confirming your accommodation arrangements in Spain, which can include hotel bookings, an invitation letter from a host, or a rental agreement.
  8. Proof of Civil Status : Include documents like marriage certificates, birth certificates of children, or ration cards if applicable.
  9. Proof of Employment : Submit relevant documents based on your employment status, such as employment contracts, bank statements, or income tax returns.

How to Apply for a Spain Tourist Visa?

Follow these steps to apply for a Spain Tourist Visa :

  1. Complete Application Form : Fill out the tourist visa application form, ensuring accuracy and consistency with other required documents.
  2. Schedule an Interview : Arrange an interview appointment for submitting your visa application and documents.
  3. Gather Required Documents : Collect all necessary documents according to your visa purpose.
  4. Attend the Interview : Show up for your scheduled interview at the Spanish embassy, consulate, or Visa Application Center.
  5. Pay Visa Fees : Pay the required visa application fee, typically €80 for adults and €40 for children under 12.

Where to Submit Your Application?

Submit your visa application to the Spanish authorities if Spain is your main Schengen destination or the country where you’ll spend the longest time. You can apply at the Spanish embassy, consulate, or Visa Application Center in your country of residence.

When to Apply?

You can apply for a Spain tourist visa as early as six months before your planned trip, with the latest submission deadline being two weeks prior to your departure date.

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How Long Does It Take to Get a Spain Tourist Visa?

Typically, Spain tourist visa applications are processed within 15 days. However, processing times may be extended to 30 or 60 days under certain circumstances or during peak application periods.

Spain Tourist Visa Validity

A Spain tourist visa allows a maximum stay of three months within a six-month period, but the exact validity is determined by the issuing authority. Pay attention to entry and exit dates specified on your visa sticker.

Visa Rejection and Appeals

If your visa application is rejected, you’ll receive a letter explaining the reasons. You can either reapply with necessary improvements or submit an appeal letter if you believe the rejection was unjust.

Other FAQs :

– Visiting Other Countries : With a valid Spain visa, you can visit all Schengen countries unless otherwise indicated on the visa sticker.

– Working in Spain : Tourist visas don’t permit employment; you’ll need a work visa.

– Joining Family Members : You can visit family in Spain with a tourist visa, but to reside with them, apply for a family visa.


Navigating the Spain tourist visa process involves understanding requirements, applying in advance, and ensuring all documents are in order. By following these guidelines and addressing common FAQs, you can streamline your visa application process and prepare for a memorable visit to Spain.