Title: Google Algorithm Updates: A complete History

Google Algorithm Updates: A complete History


Nothing stays the best if it doesn’t keep updating itself. Whether be it a search engine or a social channel, it has to keep evolving to satisfy the end customers. Guess why people have been still preferring Google over other search engines? You guessed it right. Google tries its level best to stay updated with not only the trends. But also, it constantly evolves and updates. It also shares details how there Google Algorithm updates can help you attain your goals. Moreover, some of these google algorithm updates are straightforward-enough that you don’t need a free SEO course to understand it. It is all written down with the complete description when it updates.

Apart from this, some of you must be thinking about this flowery term of what is Google Algorithm updates. It’s actually a tool that helps Google to understand which website to show on what keyword. But it works too fast and smart. So, even when you enter some words and hit the ENTER, you get millions of results in even fractions of seconds. And then you analyze which folder is to open to understand or make purchase. Although what google shows on your search is really complex to understand yet easy to see through. So, it is a thing you would understand better if you have already acquired some free data analytics courses. Then you would be able to see what best relates your search and find our who gives the best information. In this way, you will easy be able to sort out the details you have been searching.


The History of Google Algorithm Updates

That’s all about how can you understand better if you are equipped with some SEO and Data analytics courses. However, this blog describes the whole story going round and round to the core’s depth. Let’s travel down the reminiscence lane and discover the whole history of Google algorithm updates. What is hidden it the history of Google Algorithm, how it has been updating. Let’s get through it.

The Beginning: Early Google Algorithm Updates

Back in the day, Google algorithm used to be pretty much simple and straightforward. It was mainly focused on the keyword phrases that people used to write in the search bar. Still don’t get it? Well, let me describe it through a comprehensive example. For instance, if your website has the right keywords, you’ll show up in searches. And if not, you won’t. Due to this, amateur SEO experts started taking advantage of this by stuffing their websites with key phrases. In this way, the whole content on their website became meaningless with only the SEO keywords stuffing. Thus, Google algorithm updates occur to counter their amateur strategy.

1.    The Panda Update (2011)

In 2011, Google introduced the Panda update. Are you thinking that it had to something with the cute teddy bears? Well, no, nada! Completely no! Actually, it has nothing to do with the cute bears. This Google algorithm update changed the whole criteria of updating the content. In this way, Google ensured that websites with fantastic content will enjoy the better search results. Furthermore, Panda looked at content uniqueness, semantics, grammar, and whether or not the website was completely resonating the brand. In this way, it extracted out the awful information over the websites with low-quality content and started downgrading them. Thus, the search results get better.

2.    Penguin (2012)

A year later, Google unleashed Penguin as a part of new google algorithm updates. This Penguin is not about the dancing sea-cats! Instead, it made its arrival with preventing junk information and data. Not only that, it also focused on bringing down the websites that have used sneaky procedures. Through which they have been tricking Google into ranking better. It just destroyed their false tricks. These include things like buying links from different websites or stuffing keywords to them. As one of the best Google Algorithm updates, Penguin made sure that the most effective websites should rank the top. While other sneaking websites should just go down with their false tricks.

3.    Hummingbird (2013)

2013 noticed the arrival of Hummingbird. This Google Algorithm update became a massive deal as it modified how Google understood search queries. Instead of just looking at people’s key phrases, Hummingbird tried to recognize the complete meaning in the entered keyword. It made search results more correct and helped Google also understand conversational queries better. So, even if you don’t look inside the specific keywords, Google can still comprehend what you are looking for. In this way, Google helps you get what you want through communication or longer search queries.

4.    Mobilegeddon (2015)

With an increasing number of people using smartphones, Google realized it needed to prioritize mobile-friendly websites for the search results. That’s where Mobilegeddon entered the zone and enhanced the Google algorithm updates. This update gave a boost to websites that are easy to use on cell and smartphones. If your web page isn’t mobile-friendly, you would probably see a drop in your success results.

5.    RankBrain (2015)

RankBrain became the reason of how Google Algorithm got smarter. It’s an artificial intelligence system that helps Google understand the means behind search queries. Even if someone enters a query that Google has never seen before, RankBrain could make a knowledgeable bet about what they’re looking for. As a result, this Google algorithm update made search results more relevant and beneficial for all of us.

6.    BERT (2019)

BERT stands for Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers. It’s just one of the other ways through which Google Algorithm got smarter. Furthermore, BERT enables Google to better apprehend the context of phrases in a search query. It’s particularly effective at understanding conversational language and long-tail keywords. So, even if you ask a precise query or ask long questions, Google can come up with a better answer. All thanks go to BERT Google Algorithm updates.


Core Google Algorithm Updates

In addition to these big updates, Google algorithm also makes smaller adjustments to itself several times in a year. These are called core updates. They might not have fancy names like Panda or Penguin, but they could have a huge impact on search rankings. Core updates frequently tweak how Google ranks websites. Following the elements: relevance, authority, and consumer enjoyment. That’s how, your website also gains or loses its ranking.


The Future of Google Algorithm Updates

So, what’s exactly working for Google algorithm updates? Well, there is one factor for sure. It is always going to keep keeping the data and information secure. So, the sneaky amateurs could never stay on the top with their pesky tricks. Moreover, we might see updates that concentrate on voice search, video content, or even usage of AI content. Regardless of what destiny holds, one aspect is certain: Google will preserve all the top tricks behind the veil to make search results relevant for everyone.



And there you have it!  The whole record of Google algorithm updates, we have tried to explain in simple language. From the early days of keyword stuffing to the upward thrust of artificial intelligence. There is no doubt that Google’s set of rules has changed a lot than what they used to do. But one issue stays the same. Which is all about making search results more relevant, accurate, and useful for everybody. So, the next time you type a question into Google, remember. There may be another sort of cleverer technology working behind the curtain. Something beyond the grasp of those sneaky players that will help you find what you’re searching for.