What are some of the important documents that require certified translation?

Certain types of translation often require certification. It has become important for people and businesses to communicate in different languages. The certification verifies the accuracy and reliability. Certified translation adds a unique value to the translated content. Only translators who have the relevant certifications get to translate the documents. Certified document translation services are crucial when it comes to the accuracy and official recognition of the translated documents. 

What is a certified translation?

Certified translation revolves around the translation of documents that fulfil the requirements in the targeted country also enabling its use in formal procedures. The translator is also expected to accept the responsibility for the accuracy and credibility. However, the requirements can be different in different regions. 

Why are certified translations important?

Mistakes and negligences in the translation of documents can go a long way putting your reputation at stake and also hindering future collaborations. Therefore, the translation from certified translators is extremely crucial to ensure the process is smooth and original. Working with a professional translation agency always ensures that they assign a project manager to guide and update you throughout the process. 

Certified documents are being demanded by many organizations, institutions, and sensitive security agencies. It has particularly become imperative for foreign individuals and companies to provide certified translations of their documents to start the process with the relevant companies officially. Likewise, only certified translators are needed for the task. Many ordinary translators claim to offer certified services in the USA. However, not all of them are good at what they claim to be. Therefore, you should be aware of scammers. Any type of error in sensitive documents can have severe consequences. 

Here are a few types of documents that demand certified translations the most as compared to others. 

Legal and Government Proceedings

Handling the legal and government proceedings can be an ordeal. These are complex matters and a clear understanding is inevitable to understand the process and absorb the relevant information. However, it is only possible to achieve when the documents are translated accurately and have also been certified.

Court documents

The court documents top this list. If you have to deal with the court and legal proceedings as a business or individual you might want to acquire certified document translation services. Documents such as birth or marriage certificates, contracts, and court orders are extremely crucial to be translated well and certified to increase their acceptance level and validity in the legal process abroad.

Immigration applications

The process of immigration can become swift and convenient with the help of accurate and precise certified document translation. The immigration authorities ask for the certified translation of passports, transcripts, degrees, and diplomas along with other important documents to verify identity and eligibility.

Licenses and certifications

The licenses and certifications are also sensitive and important documents for which relevant authorities can demand certified translation. The professional licenses and certifications that you have earned in your home country or overseas and intend to use in a different region might get accepted only after getting translated by certified translators.

Official Recognition and Verification

The next category of documents that can ask for certified translation and professional editing services are the official documents and their verification.

Educational Institutions

The educational matters are important and most considerable. Therefore, these delicate affairs must be handled soberly. The transcripts and diplomas for international students require translation into the relevant language by the administration and relevant authorities for a transparent process. 

Employment applications

Other than the educational institutes, there are employment applications that can also demand certified translation. A lot of employers request certified translators for academic degrees and work experience documents for applicants who are coming from different regions. Many people use fake and bogus documents to get employment or seek admission. Hence, the relevant authorities ask to check the content if it is genuine and if the translation is accurate to avoid scams. 

Financial transactions

Financial transactions and activities are an important part of every business, institute, and individual process. The banks and other financial institutions also require certified translations of the financial statements with the contracts for international transactions. It is also important to mention that professional editing services are also a must for financial content. A minor mistake, omission, or numerical value addition can worsen things. Certified translation is particularly evident for financial activities as these are inclined to get mistreated and misused. Hence, translation services help both parties to keep a record and vouch for its originality. 


Certified translations are ideally carried out by certified translators. Certain organizations ask for the certified translation of important documents. The most common types of documents may include legal and court documents, documents that are part of immigration applications, and licenses among others.